Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Our new online store will be updated daily in order to give you the opportunity to buy products that are in our store, but also many more through our exclusive agents, partners. Many of them will be on a daily basis at discounts, discount periods, special offers but also for our frequent customers special reward coupons.

A little patience, in order for the staff of our store to gradually post all this huge range of our products!

With security certificates and protection software, worry and make your purchases without fear. Choose between the payment or shipping method you want or even contact us in order to find the most appropriate solution for your order. In order to serve you, we accept orders even by phone.

Our website was created according to the WCAG / ADA / 508 standards for People with Special Needs!
With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

As it is mentioned above, our website has been built in order to meet the standards WCAG / ADA / 508 for people with special needs (disabled) so that it is readable and easy to use by everyone.

To thank the company at this point WEBGRECO for the wonderful work she did both in the construction of the online store, but also in the actions she did through herself and her associates, in order for our company to be properly guided and to receive all possible technical and financial support.

In addition to the functions of the store, our website also has an information menu, where you can learn our news, announcements and offers.

Of course, regarding the news and offers of our store, let us remind you that our social networking such as facebook, twitter, instagram, google and youtube is at your disposal.

You will also find all our news and special offers at Lesvos.Pro, the Professionals Guide of Lesvos.

Have a nice tour!